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Health Insurance Regulations in Colorado

The state of Colorado has passed a number of laws that help protect the health care rights of individuals living in Colorado.

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HIPAA in Colorado

When understanding your health care rights in Colorado, it is important to be familiar with HIPPA.  HIPAA, acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, protects the health care coverage rights of the people of Colorado.  Specifically, it protects the health care policy of people who experience an event (loss of one's job, pregnancy, moving, divorce, or death).

HIPPA offers the following services for group care policies:

  • Limits exclusions based on pre-existing conditions.
  • Prohibits discrimination based on health factors. 
  • Provides special enrollment opportunity for people who loose other healthcare services or gain dependents.
  • Guaranteed availability of group health plans for small businesses.

HIPPA offers the following services for individual care policies:

  • All individuals available for HIPPA are guaranteed the right to purchase individual insurance.
  • Pre-exisiting exclusions are not allowed for HIPPA individuals.
  • Individual health insurance is almost always guaranteed renewable.

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A few more facts about health insurance in Colorado:

  • Individual health insurance policies may be denied based on health issues (such as pre-existing conditions).
  • Customers with pre-existing conditions may be subject to a 12 year period in which their coverage is withheld. 
  • There are no limits on the premiums companies may charge. 
  • Increases in premiums are legal at the time of renewal.
  • Health care coverage may not be cancelled due to sickness.

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